Dear Guests,


We are excited to be able to serve you again!! Please know that your safety and the wellbeing of our employees is what matters most at Storico Fresco. For this reason, we ask that you please read the State Mandated Guidelines (here) and also those we are going to enforce in order to make the best of everyone’s experience.

  • No congregating in the bathroom hallways

  • Social distancing and proper behavior is encouraged and will be enforced. Any guests that refuse to do so will be asked to leave. 

  • Please be mindful of not occupying common area space when waiting for a table, try to maintain social distancing by letting your host know your party has arrived.

  •  Use our scannable QR codes. Simply activate your phone camera (no need to take a picture) place the camera in front of the QR code, this will prompt you to click on a link to all our menus and guidelines. If you need service simply place the QR code on top of the little stand at your table, if you do not wish to be disturbed, keep it under the little stand. 

  • Seating is limited to 1 hour 30 minutes for 2 tops, 1 hour 45 minutes for 4 tops, and 2 hours 15 minutes for larger parties. We want to ensure enough time for our staff to sanitize all tables for the next seating so please be mindful.

  • Guests will be asked to respect the flow of the restaurant, such as entrance and exit points as well as the moving spaces created for our staff to serve you. Please avoid proceeding towards staff members especially when they are carrying dishes/silverware/stemware to avoid the possibility of accidents.

  • Some changes to the way we serve our guests have been identified in order to limit contact with others.

  • We are sure that these small details will allow us to serve you better and keep everyone safe. Thank you for choosing to dine with us and we hope you will enjoy your time with us as we learn how to improve our skills in these different times.


CDC recommends the highest efficiency filters that fit your HVAC equipment and evaporator coil cleanings with approved antibacterial cleaners.  We installed Merv 13 filters at your locations.  Your equipment has regular filter changes and evaporator coil cleanings as needed. 


RGF UV Equipment


This equipment works by creating gaseous hydrogen peroxide in the air. The gas kills mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses in the air and on non-porous surfaces in the conditioned space. (Sneezes, coughs, floors, walls, tables, etc.)  The gas has no odor and circulates within the conditioned air.  Any hard surface in the conditioned air space is continuously sanitized.   



We use Georgia Janitorial Group to clean both locations 3 times a week and we also do a CDC and EPA disinfecting every week in order to mitigate the chances of Covid-19 residing on hard surfaces.


At Storico Fresco, due to the limited amount of outdoor seating, we have created an opening between the main dining room and the patio where there was a door window before and installed an air curtain in order to avoid flying insects to enter the space, we have also installed fans inside the restaurant for air circulation.


At Forza Storico we have reopened the main dining room with social distancing and built a tent covering for the new outdoor patio in order to operate it throughout the winter.


Storico Family