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storico owners
Storico Owners

We kicked off in a basement in Garden Hills. Executive Chef Mike Patrick, a former paramedic at Grady for 10 years, came back to his culinary roots after his service. Prior to Grady, Patrick went to culinary school and traveled throughout Italy often. He went to wine schools and became a certified sommelier post Grady. This sparked his passion for more. He started traveling to Italy often which lead to him staging at various pasta facilities- even at a porchetta facility factory in Ariccia. Once back to the States he started to put his skills to the test and set off selling fresh made pasta at local farmers markets. At this time he was working from his basement in Garden Hills. From there he believed in the potential of fresh pasta making at a bigger scale and opened the Storico Commissary Kitchen. Through working at the markets Pietro Gianni took notice. Gianni, originally from Rome, Italy and in Atlanta searching for new business opportunities in real estate was curious about an Irish man making pasta in Atlanta, GA. 

Turns out the pasta was authentic! Patrick started doing dinner pop-ups at the Commissary Kitchen with Gianni in attendance. They could see the natural growth of the potential of a restaurant from the pop-ups so they joined forces to open Storico Fresco Ristorante e Alimentari in Buckhead without any prior restaurant experience.  Gianni & Patrick were at a meeting in an architecture firm at ASD-SKY Architects where Stephen Peterson worked. Peterson, who lived in Rimini, Italy half his life and a creative with a natural talent in hospitality & vibrant travel background instantly clicked with Patrick & Gianni. They hired Peterson as their first front of house employee, then manager at Storico, finally becoming a business parter with Patrick and Gianni in opening their third venture, Forza Storico on the West Side. After 'doing as the Romans do', the trio took up another project in Buckhead. The fourth concept, Storico Vino, was created in March of 2021. A Venetian inspired wine bar that serves Italian wine, cicchetti & encourages the aperitivo concept. 


The three different backgrounds of Patrick, Gianni & Peterson sparked into something beyond farmers markets. The Storico Trio together with a dedicated Staff of more than 100 have pushed traditional Italian food, wine and experience to what has now become Storico Fresco, Forza Storico and Storico Fresco three of the most successful Italian concepts in Atlanta, GA. We are proud to keep on bringing novelty and genuine passion to our City. So much more to come!!


Thank you for your support.